Day of Exile and Imprisonment
Tuesday May 16, 2017, Noon at Ober Park

Vashon Isalnd, Washington

Remembering May 16, 1942

The Day the Vashon Japanese American Community was
Forcefully Removed and Imprisoned

Exile and Imprisonment

May 16, is the 75th Anniversary of the exile and imprisonment of the Vashon Japanese American Community during WW II. What is now Ober Park was then called the Island Club. It was the assembly location for Vashon. At noon on May 16, 1942 the Japanese Americans on the island were assembled, loaded on to military trucks with armed guards, and taken to the North End ferry dock where a special ferry took them to Seattle and to trains waiting to transport them to Pinedale, California where they began 3 years imprisonment in the American concentration camps.

Five island groups - The Friends of Mukai, the Heritage Museum, the Land Trust, the Park District, and the Vashon Japanese American Research Project are sponsoring this remembrance event.